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The glamor item I choose is Cloche hat from the movie The Great Gatsby which was invented in 1908 by the famous French milliner Caroline Reboux, and dramatically had became the most popular item as a necessary accessory during 1922 to 1933. Cloche, [Internet]. Available from: <>


It was an iconic hat and would ever be associated with the flappers of the era. The background of this movie is 1920s, the time called Roaring age or Jazz age and also Golden twenties. By the time, new generation who started to suspect the institutions had been built by the old generation, want to have their fresh new attitude of life, style. One of the greatest achievement was women had won the right of vote. Thus, the women’s fashion had a surge of change due to the change of social atmosphere. There were a decreasing number of people would ware corset and shorter dresses with shorter sleeves came up instead crinoline.  Young girls fall in love with jazz music, hangout at night for party, learn latest dance or even heavily smoking and those new “in” women called “flappers”. The past which full of social restrictions, coldness was no longer convincing for those new blood. It was the time about enjoyment, emancipation while jazz played a significant role which could be recognized as a clear embodiment of this wish to break away from the old world.


Everything started to be shorter for women so as the haircut. By the time, Eton crop and bob hairstyle had been popularized among public because the famous glamour jazz star Josephine Baker who were truly a fashion icon and had a big influence amongst people. Women had copied her hairstyle at that specific era and shorter hair had become to the symbol of modern female. Fortunately, the Cloche hat suit this hairstyle perfectly and soon redefined the implication of new women, free, brave while elegant but rebellious. Fashions of a decade: The 1920s, By Jacqueline Herald (2007) Infobase Publishing



The name Cloche means “bell”, the shape of it is special and fresh. Comparing the massive brim from the past, the small brim and encompassed shape reveals the new beauty of women. It also sent signals to people as an arrow shaped ribbon meant the girls heart belong to someone while a firm knotted bow indicated a married woman and a large loose bow meant the girl was single.


Cloche hats were worn in different occasions. For instance, ribbons and brooches were added for more formal event. For the movie, The Great Gatsby, the character named Jordan who is the Daisy’s friend played by Elizabeth Debicki explains the beauty and glamour of cloche drastically. With the short Eton crop hairstyle, the shape of hat draws an alive picture of 20s woman. Infographic: The Hats of The Great Gatsby [Internet]. Available from: <>.





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Gentrificaition in progress

12Gentrification in progress

Gentrification is a shift in an urban community toward wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property values.

Gentrification poses an issue all over London and cities across the globe. It is a process that once started, develops pace and alters and displaces the social character of that area.

The government claims that gentrification will reduce inequalities and benefit the people living in poverty in the boroughs of London in which the process has begun. Is there any supporting evidence of gentrification benefitting the local populous, or is it just helping the borough? This is what we aim to find out with the use of our project.

We want to hear the voices of the local people and discover how they really feel about the changes to their areas. The government have become less interested in public matters and have been more so driven by private interests in regards to economic development[, something more prevent following economic crisis]. It is our responsibility as designers to create tools of communication and give the unheard and pushed aside a voice.

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