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Nothing inside is different

Nothing inside is different. Love and equality are the permanent theme of life.

Two groups of picture. The fist group shows the different races of people while the second shows the different sexual orientation of people. All characters acted by the artist himself. We all born for reason, nothing inside is different once we know the truth itself. The project is about against discrimination.


black brown white yellow


gay les straight

Fashion photography First try

Intend to explore more about Composition, Light setting and conception, I took those pictures as my first try of fashion photography.

Another purpose is trying to discover Iphone5 camera’s potencial.


Model: Adam

Camera: Iphone5 and Cannon 5D mark3

Cannon works:






Iphone5 works:

IMG_6507 IMG_6508 IMG_6527






Those photographs are all non-after-edited. The strong color orientation because of the filter paper I used during the process.